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Our subgroup of COVID GAP - Sara Bender, Kristina Brown, Deanna Kasitz, and Olga Vega - is focusing on the role of parent and partner for academic womxn. Curious about the dual roles for these scholars, we have sorted the data by identity and analysed responses from the first phase of collection of those respondents who identify as parents and separately of those who identify as partners.

We currently have one manuscript in press and another under review.


Our subgroup Stefani Boutelier, Hala Guta, Agata Lambrechts, Pipiert Larasatie,  Iwona Leonowicz-Bukała,Alpha Martinez-Suarez, Shikha Prashad - is focusing on the overall impact of different factors affecting our participants research productivity during the pandemic.

We currently have one manuscripts undergoing peer review.

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Diversity Students


Our subgroup Nuchelle Chance, Tricia Farwell and Joanne Hessmiller, is examining COVID-19s influence on the perceived scholarly productivity of multinational female graduate students by evaluating supports and challenges due to the pandemic induced shifts in higher education.

We currently have one manuscript being prepared.


In phase two, Iwona Leonowicz-Bukała and Agata Lambrechts are exploring experiences of scholars with disabilities and long term health difficulties.

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